The Next Step in Augmented Reality

centauAR is an augmented reality headset that turns everyone you see into a centaur. Using technology originally developed by DARPA for locking onto human drone targets, the device's built-in EquineEngine is able to identify human torsos and virtually fuse them with photorealistic horse bodies in real time.

Unlike other centaur-centric AR applications, centauAR tracks movement so the centaurs you see can trot, canter, and even gallop. That puts us at the bleeding edge of radically redefining centaur-centric fully immersive augmented reality wearable technology.


Our flagship headset is as comfortable as it is powerful, allowing for hours or even days of continual use. Is it just a Samsung Gear VR with the logo buffed out and two camera lenses hot glued to it? Nope!

centauAR mobile

Hold your horses… in your hands! Our mobile app takes centauAR's state of the art centaur-vision algorithm and delivers it straight to your cell phone. It even works in selfie mode (if you have extremely long arms).

Our Story

centauAR started with a simple mission: make wearable augmented reality tech that enables real-life centaurs to see us as we see them. Needless to say, venture capitalists were lining up to invest. We secured over twelve million dollars in financing before we identified a seemingly insurmountable problem – centaurs aren’t real.

We thought our dream was dead. We used our remaining funding to pay our salaries and began to pack up our offices. But then, right before we walked out the door, our intern Randy put our prototype centauAR device on his head as a joke. It fit perfectly.

That’s the moment when we made our crucial discovery – centauAR fits on human heads (centaurs and humans have the same kind of heads). We immediately pivoted to focus on the human-centric applications of centauAR, secured another twenty million in Series B funding, and promoted Randy to Chief Experience Officer.

Since then, centauAR has grown by leaps and bounds. Not only have we finalized our flagship headset, but we’re currently beta testing centauAR mobile, and our most ambitious project, centauAReverse is just around the corner.

What's Next?

We're always working to bring you a better user experience.

Over-the-Air Updates

Our most recent update fixed a bug that made our software susceptible to Trojan horse malware. The only horses in here are the ones you choose.


See a centaur? Want it to look like a human? That's what centauAReverse is for. Does it work on horses? No. Horses are not centaurs.

Gender Choice

While our current software only supports male centaurs, we're testing an update that allows you to choose the gender of any centaur you see.